Warm welcome to the website of Lily Maas.

Lily Maas is the most progressive in seeking the best solutions for the best price in the line of supply chain.

Founded in the early 2000 and established in 2001, Lily Maas is the most solid and rare entity for all your cargo transportations.

Lily Maas is specialized in non-traded cargo relocations across the European Union.
No matter what, when or how it comes to the European Union, Lily Maas solves it!

Dedicated Fiscal Representative

Totally compliance and fulfill listing of B2B TAX issues is not enough after customs clearance.

In European Union very less entities are aware of the INTRASTATS application and the obligated data storage of the so called Master Registration Number (MRN).

No matter your cargo is unsold (e-Commerce) or sold (B2B) before entering European Union, Lily Maas FISCAL services covers the whole chain.

Preferred forwarder for air and ocean :

Ms. Ruby Xu
Tel: +86 189 02456026

Preferred forwarder for ocean :

Ms. Happy Peng
Tel: +86 755 82219896

Happy summer to all our relatives around the world.

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